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Welcome to De'Saga Mas! We are a family-run business that specializes in custom-made costumes for carnival. Since 2015, we have been passionate about bringing our unique designs to the Miami carnival scene, with the goal of making spectacular costumes that bring out the beauty of the Caribbean culture. 

Our founder and designer, Erica, has a passion for Caribbean Carnival costumes and has been involved in the scene for many years. She has been playing mas with many of the local mas bands, and even won First Place for Carnival 2016 and Third Place 2017, 2018, 2022 and 2023 Carnival Queen Competition. 

Our 2017 Queen Costume was designed by Master Wire Bender Ian aka Dread and he also designed the First Place Individual costume for the 2017 Carnival season. Ian designs custom wire bras, headpieces, backpacks and individual costumes. After being recognized for their style, De'Saga Mas needed to be developed and presented to the community. 

Designing costumes for the Caribbean community, WE PLAY MAS!  

De'Saga Mas is a Miami-based Caribbean Carnival independent Section that creates unique and vibrant costumes for Carnival celebrations. We specialize in crafting costumes that are inspired by the culture, colors, and vibrancy of the Caribbean. Our experienced team of costume designers and makers are dedicated to creating pieces that are sure to make a statement and add a touch of Caribbean flair to your Carnival experience. We love to help people make unforgettable memories through our colorful and creative designs.

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